Monday, 26 November 2012

More X-Wing and Bantha Express Pics with short story

Hi there,

Here's another set of photos from my trashbashed freighter The Bantha Express and Revell's X-wing and short story, enjoy :

As the Bantha Express hems and haws, its noisy old thrusters switched on and off and landed on the rebel base with a loud "TUDD". It was excorted by an X-wing on its way into the intricate and complex tunnels, heavily camouflaged at the entrance. From outside, it look nothing more like a thick forest basin.

X-wing pilot Jaz Malone hopped out of his weathered snub fighter, and walks over to greet the captain of the Bantha Express, his childhood friend back in Dantooine.

Drack Decker, or known by his shipmates as "Dee", came out from the ship and greeted his friend, while his crew unloaded the much needed shipment of rations and military graded blasters into the cargo hold. He was, however, not very pleased.

"Jaz, this is the third run already, THIRD! When am I getting paid?!" At this rate I might as well sell it to the Hutts, at least they pay, even if it's less!"

Jaz made a forced, apologetic smile and gave his friend a pat on his shoulders. "The commander's request for funds had been approved already, the credits will wire to your account soon, trust me, Drack...."

"The rebel's cause for freedom is important, you are part of it, and we will be freed from the Imperial's tyranny soon, aren't you proud to be part of it?"

Jaz, waved off his astromech while signalling for the tech people to service the Bantha Express.

"Spare me the threatrics Jaz! We are not holovid stars for goodness sake! And they get paid too!"

As the duo walks towards the officers' mess, Drack made up his mind.

He will sell the location of this rebel base to the Imperials. Whether the rebels pay or not.

He will also regret his action in time to come.

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  1. Your Bantha Express is an awesome scratchbuild! Nice short story, good intro piece for a long going adventure!