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Monday, 21 October 2013

My Aliens vs. Colonial Marines Project - Corridors, Corridors Corridors...

Those corridors....

I needed cheap, effective walls to form up corridors and walls for LV426, or some other interior corridor scenarios for my marines to run around and get chased by Aliens, so after looking around there is these packs of plastic office drawer dividers which are of the good choice, they come in 3 pieces in a pack for about SGD2 [about USD1.60 at time of writing] so I bought bunches of them.

I polished /filed them with a fine grade sponge file to roughen up the surfaces so the black undercoat paint will stick later.

Bits are then glued on it from coffee-stirers resembling pipes, insulation pipes, bases and pill boxes to represent cabinets, drawers to break the monotonus, boring walls.

I will do a bunch with "Aliens infestation" with more tubes, gooey stuff and a victim hanging on the walls here and there later.

After the black spray paint, I drybrushed them with cheap acrylic grey paint from an artist supplies shop [a large, toothpaste tube can last very long and ensure conssistency in paint colours for all the corridors]:

I then search for suitable signs, logos and printed them out in paper, then stick them on the corridors using PVA glue.

"Alright, I want a nice, clean dispersal this time." - Apone

"Yo Hicks...I think we got something here. It's coming straight for us...Straight up." 
- Frost

More to come, thanks for viewing! Comments welcome too!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Defensive Stakes

De Rochefort's article on defensive stakes at the Round Table of Bretonnia is soo cool that I have to have a go at it ! My old edition Bretonnian archers would need them as they dont come with DIY away!

First off, some disposable chopsticks! These are easily availble but some twigs or dowel wood would do just fine! Some chains and some balsa 20mm wide balsa wood strips.

They are cut to appropriate length:

From this point onwards, I used a hotglue gun instead, including making the metal bands connecting to the chains! Its pretty crude compared to De Rochefort's lol..

As hotglue are no known for being v "sticky" or strong in their bond, I smeared it all over the place and interconnect the glue like "roots" to the stakes [see above] so that the contact is stronger.

  • The whole thing is brush painted with black as primer.
  • The stakes are simply painted with any wood color and the sharp point bonewhite.
  • The metal band and chains are drybrushed with boltgun metal.
The "metal bands" connecting the chains are a bit crude and too thick in the beginning, but after getting used to controlling the flow of the hotglue, I quickly apply thin amounts consistently to more resemble metal rings.

And three more I have four now!  I hotglue some rocks, smear the base with watered down PVA, add sand and its done! Now waiting for the PVA to dry, and apply one more layer to strengthen it.

Oh, in case you wonder, below are the case file of Vallejo paints I have..very great paints!