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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Gear Krieg 1/72 Walker

OK its been awhile, heres a little 1/72 Gear Krieg I've made sometime ago.

Its based on Revell's kit:

I saw off half of the body and added legs to it.
The tracks are from FOW bits and the legs from from EM4 some mechs, but I guess you can easily use any pair of left over legs from mech. The reverse joint is good! Some plastic tubes were added for rocket launchers and a cannon was added on the left side, and the body of the cannon is actually a left over ECM pod from some aircraft accessory.
The toecap is actually disposable shaver's handles cutted at an angle so it resembles some triangular shaped thingy hee hee...
The finished product is quite satisfactory, and I originally have plans to make some more..but many distractions made me shelf this aside [not to mention no one deals with Gear Krieg here, let alone its in 1/72 scale!]

Now except for touching up and adding sand and flock for the base !