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Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Note about Wargaming on a Budget

Not every wargame needs to kill your wallet. For newcomers to old veterans alike, it really depends on your interests and the feel about it.

I have a bunch of fellow men who only play GW, spend endless amounts of money on the expensive models and new editions.

For new people trying to have a taste of wargaming or would like to play with their miniatures, some free and good rules are out there! You just have to look hard enough and HAVE AN ACCOMPLICE or a few more to make it last!

Here, I present to you some of the free rules that are easy to use and doesnt have all that nonsense, endless,buying of new codex/editions and keep telling you your rulebook is outdated !

Horde of the Things
(click on above to go to wiki link, the FREE rules are available for downloading at the bottom of the wiki page)

This simple fantasy wargame rules allow you to build and collect minis ranging from 6mm to 25/28mm depending on your preference and budget. It has a huge following and there are conversions to Sci-Fi and other genre too.

The sci-fi conversion of HoTT can be found here:
by Humberside Wargames Society

You can join the Yahoo! Group here:

Always download and print a copy, and save a copy in case they removed it! Like what GW has done to their specialist games like Necromunda, Mordheim,etc. Slowly killing their business indeed !

Free Wargame Rules
(click on above link to go to site)

The site contain a collection of wargame rules covering different genre, from carwars like games to Sci-Fi to WW2, from simple to complex ones.

You can always download a copy, have it printed and organised a game or 2 showing off your collection of minis and models, have fun and rope your friends in!

Before you fully commit and invest, you can always use counters, chips to represent them if you are conscious whether the rules will work for you.

If you simply like buying minis and collecting them, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead already!

Have a look, and have fun!