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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Ogryns from Ogres

Originally published in plamo in 2009 and Warseer in 2010, reproduced with some minor editing here for your reading pleasure : )

Anyone who play the tabletop version of Warhammer 40K [made famous ala Dawn of War] will know about the Imperial Guards..have started this game waaay back when I was in highschool [20+ years now u know I uncle level one..hehehhe..

why..what's alot of uncles one ok?!... = =!!]

Ogryns are basically the 40K versions of ogres, only called abhumans who are not so clever, but nevertheless recruited by the Imperial Guard to fight wars against Chaos [or Xenos ..ala Aliens..the fluff is so thick, novels and novels are written about will not go into 40K literature...

The official ones are metal and costs 11.25 pounds [about S$23] a squad of 6 will cost u like $138!!  Update : They cost more now, dont they?

So, in the modelling community, folks who dont wan to blow their noses and their wallet [so they can spend on their children la, dog la, mistress la..oops..u get wat I mean]

Anyone interested can go to their website to learn about it...

Do you want know more?
Games Workshop

Anyway a pic of the box [note box art copyrighted by Gamesworkshop]

First, I need to make ripperguns for the 6 fellas..

[Ripperguns are sturdy, easy to use automatic shotguns so Orgyns can just aim in some general direction - the enemies'..and like the old saying goes..if u keep shooting, maybe you'll hit something...]

This is the body of the ripperguns...made from plastic rods and plastic blocks...repeat 6 times later..u either one to shoot yourselves..or just go buy the real deal...]Em112

One thing about scratchbuilding and/or kitbashing is your bitzbox [the box where u have spareparts] must be sipeh "bah" [translation : very enough]...
The ammo drums are stolen from a wrecked LVTP..
It has 20+ of the wheels..heh heh..but never fear, the APC is not has some other projects...
Included below are some rough plans for anyone interested in scratchbuilding their own ripper guns:

Conversion of the ogre body..
Added plasticard as armor the community it's called "40K-fy"...
Backviewof one of them..with ammo pouches added..

The first completed 2 are painted as trial...
The Back view..the one on the right was pale flesh with a flesh wash..the one on the left was layered with dwarf skin tone and highlights AFTER the the effect is better.. The grenades are scratchbuilded..the red one is Krak and the green one is frag [one got better armor penetration, one got a blast radius but lesser kill effect...go figure..both have it's own use in the tabletop game]

Berets are made from green stuff...spare shotgun shells lined the bandolier are plastic rods with just some gold paint at the lower part of the shell.
After painting all of them, these palm-sized dudes are ready to roll into battle..recommend using Vallejo Game Colors as the adhesion is better, so the paint dont wear off too easily [ still WILL chip if yr wife scratch it with her freshly manicured nails....]

Who says only Orks smokes Cigars??

The squad leader [known as the Bonead or Bone head], as he is a little bit smarter [know how to use binoculars]....

"FRAG the fraggers! Now!~"

"Er..boss!!!, is it da red one..or da green one?" [bullets rechocheted on the sides of the wall..going Whoop whoop whoop against the mudwalls and plazinc walls...]

"*%#&^$!!.. DA GREEN ONE!!!!!"

....and his men went ahead and threw the red ones anyway.

Scratchbuilding a Hydra Flak Tank

This was done a few year back, luckily I managed to rescue most of the pictures from Imageshack!

Here's some of the WIP and completed pics, its very tough because of a lot of repetitive work involved, but the results are satifying as hell!

You'll need a chimera or basilisk kit and....

You need lotsa plastic rods, lots and lots of plastic rods [and placard]:

The radar dish is a magnet button actually!
The Completed Hydra :