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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hello ! Finally my own Wargaming and hobby Blog! [and probably other stuff]

After dambling for almost 20+ years playing with wargames, DnD, warhammer and 40K, I've finally done it! Create a blog to record all the stuff I've done, and share with people [hopefully], the stuff I've enjoyed and made.

Let me share with you my journey of buying, painting and making models, minis and along the way, I'll show u how I make my stuff and WHAT NOT TO DO, there by wasting time and money and make the hobby more enjoyable!

One of my WIP warhammer Vampire Counts Army.

Made up of a Reaper Miniature vampire, A heroclix figure and a Mordheim mini as a necromancer.

A vampire count made from High elf Dragon lord with a ghoul's head:

Mixing and Matching minis in your Warhammer or 40K games? Why not? You may not be able to play in tournaments, but you can play with you friends! That said, if going to tournaments and sanctioned games is that important, you can by all means collect "Official" minis.

Me, I'll like to cut back a little and do what's enjoyable, no need to Your way or the Highway, Its My way....LOL

Recently I've got to converting stuff and having a little fun scratchbuilding.

Want a model Chimera for your Lore of Beasts spell but can't afford like USD41.25 for the real deal?

From a pack of cheap [SGD5.90 /abt USD4.70],

Into a Chimera :
More on that later!

BUT dont get me wrong, GW's models are great and all, and if you guys [and some gals, where are you] can and afford it, by all means get the real deal, GW stuff we all love and hate.

But if you like a little quick project on a budget, I'll show you how I did it my way, and hopefully you'll enjoy it as well.

I'll also show you some of my WWII stuff, model kits and toys I've accumulated [the studyroom is becoming a warehouse....]...tsk tsk

Meanwhile, thanks for viewing !