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This was made sometime ago, but I guess I will share it here with some of you guys who had those toy cars lying around, could'nt afford the crazy prices of a GW one, so...

why not build one ?

This used to be a cross country toy car which unfortunately I've lost the pic of it, but any buggy car of about the official size will do. This one has some nice fenders infront and the wheels have those rough ridges which is nice and screamming WAAAGH all over...keke

The original body of the vehicle had a metal frame, which I've unscrewed and toss it away, leaving the bottom part with the wheels, which I've cutted it and shortened the body, helded together by hotglue:


First of all, you need lotsa and lotsa plasti rods and plastic really if you know what are the ones you need.

For this project, some 5-10 mm round plastic rods [shoota] , squares and 1-2 mm rods [for rivets] 5-10mm plastic cards [armor plates] will do:

The armor plate infront consists of 4 parts: 2 small squares and the the bigger square in the centre, and finally a long, shorter piece for supporting the 3 pieces together. Rivets were glued at the side [see above].

I made some spare shootas as you will never have enough of dakka...

The design can be simple, as shown above.


My friend gave my some old edition Fantasy Orcs, but rather than let them lying around hidden in some forgotten boxes, they are recycled here:
The body of the orc was cutted apart, and arms repositioned.

Glue 2 shootas together, added another Ork gunner behind, and the whole piece was primed black and after some easy paint job, viola! you have a Ork Warbuggy!

The one on the left is a rokkit launcha version, which consists of multiple tubes glued together. Its nice as Ork tech is shoddy, so you can get away if you are not too neat...har har...
I've made 3 of these and now they are off to the battlefield ! 'ERE WE GO, 'ERE WE GO!
Thanks for viewing !

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