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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

More Damels and ladies

Hurray, my ebay stuff arrived today!!

They are from Reaper miniatures :

These 2 minis are Hannah Blackruby, Wizard 03329 and Tinley,Female Wizard 03563
both will work as Bretonnian Damsels for my Bretonnian army !

They produce some of the best minis at affordable prices, and the range allow you to mix and match if you are not too bothered about it or going to sanctioned tournaments!

Looking forward to have them painted !~

Meanwhile, my bretonnian army WIP. They are about 40 percent painted and largely still in progress.

My trebuchet and Chimera are amongst it !

Sunday, 25 March 2012


My Bretonnians need a trebuchet [actually 2, lets see I can muster enough determination to build another!], but the official one is expensive, and as I have many bits and plastics lying around, might as well build one!~

Any seasoned Bretonnian players should be familar with

A fantastic site where all the knights and generals of Bretonnia gather and discuss tactics, modelling and everything Bretonnian !

As I scoured through the postings, some of the dudes there have made their own trebuchets from scratch and even cast them !

Rafael de Bois et Guilbert (Rafael) 's trebuchet

So, first of, I have some square rods lined up according :

The square rods are cutted up and glued, with a thin strip of plastic glue in between the rods with two studs to resemble metal works with bolt-ons.

 Two were made.Make sure the dimensions are the same so they can fit later.

The counter-weight are made from light weight foam! They are about 1cm thick so two pieces are glued together with PVA and cut to good shape.

Some spare foam are cut to be glued to the base later to resemble rocks [ammo] lying around for ye peasants to load them into the trebuchet. The "leather" rock holder is from a thick card, later to be soften with wet PVA.

The main pole was from a disposable chopstick, with a bit of a jeweller's chains attached by hanging a paperclip to it. The counter-weight "rock" are glued with 2 strips of cardboard from those postcards.

A shield shape was cutted from those free postcards and glued to the rock counter-weight too.

The rope were some kite strings but it wasn't thick enough! So I twist 2 strings together by using a drill gun, but before that, I wet them with PVA glue so they'll stick togther!

After assembling all the pieces together:

It was quickly brushed with black acrylic as a primer, then painted up !

The finished product :

Onwards to lobbing rocks at the enemy !!