Thursday, 22 November 2012

Revell's Luke Skywalker X-Wing Fighter

Very happy this came in the post today:
This is a Revell Easy kit, which is not only snaptite or snap together kit, the colors are pre-painted, so it is really fantastic for lazy people like me ahahahah ( - -!!)


The package also come with a nicely painted X-wing pilot /Luke and R2D2 or R2 unit.

No scale was given, but it measures something like 1/56 , so it will be dam fine for my Star wars miniatures wargame!

I'll leave the pilot out first so they looked like its docked and ready for some hero to jump into the cockpit!

Having builded quite a bit of Gundam kits, I am actually quite surprised how simplified the instruction manual is, however, it does have a very good description and background of the famed X-wing.

Other than that, the pictures on the manual are simple to follow although most of the parts aren't very clear, so you will have to figure out how the parts fit especially around the 4 engine exhausts area where the landing gears are...

The good part :

Its very easy to fix! Any person with some basic knowledge of doing kits can finish this in less than 2 hours or so.

The plastic are quite hard and sturdy unlike some plane model kits which have thin plastic and are quite brittle [purely for display kind].

The kit also allow you to build with landing gear on or kept in flight mode. It shouldnt be very difficult for anyone with some basic modelling skills to drill a hole underneath it and /or give it a flight stand.

The cockpit can open or close as you like, and the S-foils can open and close too!

Because it's pre-colored, you can leave it as it is, but for my case, I did a bit of washing and weathering, so the end product is nicer !

The X-wing are washed with Vallejo's Negro black, some greys and little amounts chest nut ink.

Overall a satisfying and simple build !

The X-wing is ready to escort The Bantha Express and go smuggle some supplies for the Rebel Alliance !

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