Monday, 2 September 2013

SAM Station from Common Household Items

Its been awhile since I've posted something, so I've been busy building a 20mm African warlord force and somec mechas for Future War Commander. They are in need of some AA [Anti Aircraft] battery, so.....

Anyway without all the BS, here it goes :

Some pill boxes from the local discount store :

And some thumb tacks with plastic buttoned heads, these act as the "radar dish" in front of the SAM station:

Some bases with plastic wall hooks were used as the base, and they were glued together:
 Some Hasegawa Aircraft Weapons 1/72 missiles were used:

 and these were attached to the sides, with some pinning work to toughen it:

You MUST use either a fine sandpaper or file to roughen up the surface of plastics, especially the pill boxes so prep them for painting, otherwise the paint wont stick!
I gave them a coat of black undercoat, followed by Vallejo's Violet brown and a mixed of bone white, followed by highlight to bonewhite to bring out the details.
I will give them a gloss coat and flat spray later to protect the paint from chipping, and viola ! 3 SAM stations ready to take down the good guys / or bad guys / or some other flyers...hee hee...Here they stand next to some 20mm WW2 German soldiers give a dark african skin tone paint, essentially African rebels.
These SAM stations can also be easily used on 15mm or 28mm. So I find them quite useful and adaptable.



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