Saturday, 22 March 2014

Locust Mech - Painted and Done! (continued) ....

.....after finally putting everything together, I finally decided on this paint scheme, which more or less pay tribune to the original Macross Glaug / Robotech Officer Battlepod's red / grey scheme ( can say copied...LOL) : 

Initially I was thinking of a camo-green or desert scheme, but I guess I will have to postpone it until I managed to build another one..

Decals added a finer level detail to it, with a few tiny weeny "CAUTION ...Technical blah blah" here and there.

I am really proud of the foot railings I added to the right side of the Locust, I reckoned somehow when the pilot climbs out of the hatch, he has to slowly descent to the side and has somesort of tow cable to slowly lower himself down to the ground or, if you prefer, the traditional 10-metre, Anime jump [in and out of the mech] for you guys who are into the "Ninja Space Robot" kind [add some disco music on the background please]......LOL
The decal on the right shoulder is from a leftover M.ak. kit,, not sure whether there's a chinese word for it, but in Japanese it probably means "shark" or some fish...the decal broke but I smear some paint below to hide it and it kinda pulls off as weathering / battle damage....

and here with his buddy, the Warhammer !
thanks for viewing!

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